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You can find not 7 but at least 777 tips around the web consisting of hints and advice to minimize the costs for the vacation. Some would work out for those who prefer the all-inclusive holidays type while and would be of no use for others who like to travel a lot on the road and change places every other day or two. Let’s look at the case where you are likely to choose the plane instead of the bus or the train. This option is definitely recommended if you are about to travel on a bigger distance and want to reach your destination in a matter of hours.


  1. Forget about France or Spain – choose Balkans


This way you already save yourself big time when it comes to the cost of the accommodation. The all-inclusive deals in Croatia which is probably the most expensive country in the region – speaking north of Greece, sure, will take much less than staying in the cheaper hotels on the French Riviera or on some of the Spanish islands. Don’t believe it? Watch it out for yourself  – the numbers for accommodation are significantly lower while the flight fee doesn’t differ much.


The weather on the Balkans is favorable for more than a quarter of the year even if the 2018 summer has been actually hot till the end of July. Except for saving with the all-inclusive, you will have to chance to enjoy the gorgeous beaches of the Adriatic Sea or the nice sandy strips around the Black Sea.


  1. Look for the package deals


Comparing the self-catering to the all-inclusive might make one think that the first option is the cheaper. When you calculate all the expense the package deals definitely cost a smaller total amount of money. Turning our heads to Eastern Europe once again, we would recommend you to consider the all-inclusive holidays to Bulgaria. Thousands of Germans cannot be wrong choosing this kind of vacation year after year and the Brits are well aware of the Black Sea alternative now too. The Balkan Holidays all-inclusive proposals are definitely among the best to be found on tourist market.


  1. Combine the flight and the hotel in one deal


Some would argue about that. Indeed, a thorough research of flights and hotels (or hostels) might lead you to real hits from separate deals. But once again, Balkan Holidays all-inclusive picks might make the perfect fit of a comfortable accommodation and a convenient flight on a very good combined price. The offers that will suit you better depending on the UK airport you are about to take off from – the flights are linked with certain resorts and hotels.


  1. Book a room four months in advance


Well, it’s kind of late for this advice this year but it generally works out well. The sooner you pick your all-inclusive holidays or a half-board accommodation, whatsoever, the greater is the chance to conclude a bargain for a good price for both the plane and for the suite. A room in Montenegro booked for late August as soon as early April or even March will weigh significantly less on your budget. With a reservation of all-inclusive holidays four or five months in advance you can save between 20 and 50 percent of the price depending on the period and the destination.


  1. Look for a last minute deal


Another classic tip. Every now and then a seat at the plane becomes vacant the night before the flight. Or it might be a cancelation of all-inclusive deals reserved up-front. One way or another, the airlines and the hotels look to fill the gap and grant the service for a much smaller price. You can hit a bargain but it means you always have to check for available late minute calls and you cannot plan anything. But if you are flexible finding the time to rest, you can try it this way.


  1. Avoid the high season


The airfares and the accommodation prices reach the highest level in the middle of the summer. Except there is a sudden chance for a late minute deal mentioned in the previous paragraph you should not expect to save if you plan a vacation in July or August. But picking for all-inclusive holidays to Bulgaria in the middle of September will bring a significant reward with a much lower cost for both the plane and the room.


  1. Kidnap the aircrew and fly wherever you want


We’re joking, of course. Getting on the plane for free isn’t like hitchhiking on the highway. The airport security becomes tighter and tighter so don’t even think to kid with this stuff (like we do). The joke won’t work out well for you. But talking seriously, picking for Balkan Holidays all-inclusive deals is a safe bet to save money on airfare and accommodation.

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