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Whoever had not a clue what is this place called Bansko, might have heard the buzz of that name being mentioned increasingly in the past decade. All eyes of snowboard crazies were on Banderishka Polyana in the last weekend of January 2018 since the leading Bulgarian winter sports center hosted 6 World Cup events. One of the main heroes – the Olympic and World champion in the boardercross, the French Pierre Vaultier, has been caught by all Bansko live cams present near the Alberto Tomba course and he has been very positive in his acclaim of the organization and quality.


Such affirmation is far from being called surprising. But what happens in the time lacking the internationally recognized events – in other words, every other week of the winter? Is the mark set high again on any given Wednesday? Before starting to search for a review or a media story about the Pirin mountain area, you can check Bansko webcams to see what’s the deal on the slopes. Those are not TV cameras, anyway, so you shouldn’t expect some show or an interview the snow… But, hey, since you read this article, you probably know what the purpose of the live cams is.


Is the view from Bansko available for 24 hours a day?


During the winter – yes, except in case of some extraordinary circumstances or a technical issue but any of the mentioned occur rarely. The picture is there even in the night though it’s of no use to watch the slopes in the dark. Have in mind that some of the Bansko live cams are turned off during the summer but in the snowy season the information is updated constantly and uninterruptedly for six key spots in the area of the Pirin mountain ski zone.


The cameras are wisely located to bring on time the basic data concerning the major points of the Bansko resort. In between the extremes (the lowest region to be spotted on live cam is the heart of the town and the base station of the Gondola lift, the highest I being represented by the last steps below 2746 m Todorka Peak), there are four vital places that are highly popular among the skiers. No one would imagine that Banderishka Polyana will be out of view – this is the heart of the ski zone in the best Bulgarian winter resort. The other points providing data and view through Bansko webcam system are Shiligarnika, Platoto, and Chalin Valog.


Even if not being motion pictures, the sights from the cameras are nevertheless useful for a number of reasons. The cameras move and you can take a glimpse at different angles if you wait for several minutes. Being a guest of the town, you can check where the slopes are busy and where the crowd is fewer to choose your place to ski or board. Besides that the digits below the picture are talking too – what is the temperature at Shiligarnika, is the wind too strong near the Todorka peak, is the air too humid or too dry around Banderishka Polyana, etc. And you can check all Bansko webcams long before thinking of a trip to the Pirin mountain resort, not just when you happen to be present there.







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