Here is step-by-step what you need to do once your holiday to Golden Sands is booked

Girl waiting on the airport for her holiday to Bulgaria 2018

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Start packing. Oh, wait! You have probably booked some of the Bulgaria Golden Sands hotels well up in advance and the summer vacation is still away months rather than weeks. Or haven’t you? Well, it’s not too late to think of an early reservation for week-long stay being it early-July or mid-August on one of the greatest beaches on the whole Black Sea coastline.


The popularity of the holidays to Golden Sands, Bulgaria has gained three or four decades ago, grows stronger in the recent years. The resort is easily accessible standing only half-hour away from the Varna airport. And thanks to Balkan Holidays the top deals emerge above the sea level as soon as winter still hasn’t lost its grip. Those who have the experience of such trip and will to repeat, are well aware to book early.


What stuff to put in the bag?


More clothes, two books, and no food in the hold luggage. Since 20 kg per person is granted there’s no need to worry about the number of dresses or T-shirts in the suitcase. All-inclusive deals are on the list for a big percentage of the Bulgaria Golden Sands hotels there is absolutely zero necessity to bring a food storage with you. Two books are more than enough for a week when so many options to spend a great time in Golden Sands, Bulgaria.


Take a sun protection lotion or spray too – the resort might be in the northern part of the country but July days can be boiling hot. Learn to swim if you can’t. The beach of Zlatni Pyasatsi is famed for the nice sands, sure but the water is great to plunge in for experienced swimmers as well as for those who hardly would get inside more than a knee-deep into the water. The sea is big enough for both types. Always beware of the flag color on the shore. The logic is the same as the traffic light – green is good to go, yellow says „Be careful“ and the red one shouts out loud: „Stop“. The risk occurs in the days of high waves but even then your swimsuit will not stay dry – most of the Golden Sands, Bulgaria holidays come with a pool inside the hotel area.


Prepare to trip around. Having a good time isn’t limited to water activity. In Bulgaria, Golden Sands name was first granted to the park that neighbors the beach resort and you can easily walk around it and even climb 200 m high to shot the dazzling view of the coast and the sea with your camera. Several places are within reach for less than one hour like the city of Varna, the small town Balchik or the Kaliakra cape.


Put up your dancing shoes in the bag if you are a night owl. In Bulgaria, Golden Sands is regarded one of the seaside resort with great discos and bars and the vibrant nightlife has gained international recognition.


Breathe easy. Once your booking to Golden Sands, Bulgaria is done, you can be sure everything will be neat – the flight, the transfer from the airport, the room, the food, the beach. Enjoy it.



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