Summer vacation ideas: 2018 Edition


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Tired of the non-stop 9-to-5 routine and weary by the seemingly endless working schedule, an average person longs for the time off, especially during the summer. Sometimes people start to draw plans for the hot season break as early as Christmas, but often the working individual is so busy to have the time to go in a deeper research for the options what to do in the job free weeks. We will try to serve it on a plate with this one proposing three available choices – Nessebar holidays, Lake Bled vacation, or a trip around Europe.


The Black Sea combines a great value with nice beaches


So let us start with the further of the specifically pointed resorts. You might have heard that Bulgaria stands out with the cheap accommodation for beach holidays. You need to spend not more than five minutes to see that Nessebar hotels indeed make the list of the most affordable opportunities for a seaside stay. Some would argue that there are even cheaper destinations in the country like the nearby Sunny Beach, for example. The value you will get opting for holidays to Nessebar, Bulgaria is one deserving every penny paid for it.


Picking a choice there the traveler receives more than just a cheap vacation on the beach. The beach is great, of course, and the weather is good enough for the greater part of the summer. But what would make Nessebar, Bulgaria holidays to highlight your year is the opportunity to visit one of the most picturesque seaside towns on The Balkans. It is the Old Town that brought a significant amount of fame to the place and it is reasonable. The ancient section holds remains dating back in time as far as 3000 years and you can see it all on a walk which will take not more than 10 or 15 minutes from your pick among the Nessebar hotels.


For those who prefer to avoid the heat during the summer and prefer to relax in a calmer environment, Lake Bled would be a real revelation. The small village in Slovenia is situated in the arms of the mountains combining some dazzling views with the possibility to wander in the near vicinity of the area. Except for the boat adventure to island in the middle of the lake and the castle up on one of the hills Bled is famous for its culinary delights, especially for the exquisite cream cake.


What about the trip around Europe?


Exciting but not of everyone’s taste especially for those who would like to relax instead of being anxious to catch a bus or a train leading them to the next point of the travel. It is obtainable to embark on Nessebar holidays on the road and as lively and inspiring (or hectic) this experience might be it takes time and it will eat out of your vacation time. So it all depends on how long will the summer break lasts. And there is no doubt that organizing such an adventure wouldn’t easy at all.


Is it possible to combine to three options?


Yes, it is but the answer is the same that applies to the previous paragraph. It is much easier to fly to Bourgas for two hours and to reach your pick among the Nessebar hotels for about a half-hour transfer. Slovenia is closer to the UK and Western Europe so the plane will reach it even faster. Having Lake Bled and Nessebar holidays one after the other is a real thing but it will cost more except for the longer period and the more sophisticated scheduling you will need for such an adventure. But if you have the time and the money – why not? An exciting travel of that kind will really make you forget about the job headaches and will reward you with a lifetime experience.

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