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Plenty of snow and lots of sunshine – such combination makes up for a dreamlike winter vacation. And it is more than fantasy if you opt for Pamporovo ski holidays. The Rhodopes Mountain resort is one of the most affordable and at the same one of the guest-friendliest in Europe. Having a great deal and spending a wonderful time during the winter break is a real thing at Pamporovo ski resort but you need to know how to get the best of it.


Early bird strategy pays off

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This one is hardly a revelation – you know that booking the winter vacation up-front brings the reward of significant discounts. Bulgarian media wrote a few days ago that some of the best hotels in Pamporovo, Bulgaria will have a 15 percent price cut off for the early birds. Sometimes there is a hidden catch with such offers and if you want to avoid any risk, reserve your suit through the service of reputable agencies like Balkan Holidays. And you don’t even have to pay it all at once. The low deposit option starting from 70 GBP per person gives you the chance to book the hotel around the Pamporovo ski zone for only a part of the money for the purchase at the moment of the reservation.


Go for the combo and pick the full pack

Going for 7 days to the sunniest snowy resort in Bulgaria, you wouldn’t stay at the hotel all day. Whether you are an experienced slalom specialist or a total rookie on the slopes, Pamporovo ski area has what it needs for an exciting adventure. And if you like to spend, the early booking is not the only chance. Take the full-ski pack at the Pamporovo ski resort and pay less than 180 British Pounds for the lift pass and the ski & boot hire. Oh, the tuition if you need it is also included within this price.

The cost for the beginners deal is the same if not smaller. Surely, you can pay for the lift pass on a daily basis if you think that you might miss the skiing on some of the vacation days. It is also not a mandatory condition to hire equipment if you bring your own.


Try both ski zones

pamporovo ski holidaysProbably, we should have started with this one. Anyway, it’s not too late to mention that Great Pamporovo ski region includes another resort in the price – Mechi Chal. You can pay for one lift pass valid for both winter sports zones. While Pamporovo ski resort provides with fantastic conditions for giant slalom or snowboarding, Mechi Chal has a wonderful track for downhill. You can try it both at the time of your January break. So far, there is only a shuttle bus connection between these two areas. But sometimes in the foreseeable future lifts and ski paths will make the link and with the combo of Mechi Chal and Pamporovo Bulgaria will have the largest skiing area on the Balkans.


Explore the magic of Rhodopes

The local people claim that the mountain has a soul and once stepping into the Pamporovo ski resort, you can help but believe it. Spending hours on the slopes will be probably your main agenda but don’t miss the chance for a walk around the snow-covered woods. Being accompanied by an experienced guide, you can even take a torch lit trip in the area of Pamporovo, Bulgaria to feel the magic of the place. Climbing to the highest peaks of Rhodopes might be a little too much anyway in the winter, especially if you are not a skilled mountaineer.

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