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It could have sounded strange to say it two decades ago, but September is the new favorite month for a beach vacation for an unimaginably vast number of people now. Some of them deliberately avoid the crowds in July or August, the busiest time of summer. Among those who usually book for the high season, there are many wishing to take one more round at the sea before the autumn finally comes to the stage. The cost to book a room is much lower compared to July and August, and especially the cheap all-inclusive holidays attract those who have more time off in September. The price of the accommodation is also a huge factor for the growing popularity of the 9th month in the calendar for beach adventures.

How low can the price go?

It depends on the destination. The increasing demand for September vacation made some resorts and hotels to change the concept adding the term “mid-high” season to include the first part of the month into that definition. Watch out for this catch because then the budget holiday might turn out to be near the regular top price. But opting for a pick among Balkan Holidays cheap all-inclusive deals  is a safe bet with no hidden catch! Starting as low as 250 GBP per person for a whole week it is beyond doubt that finding lower prices would be a hard task.

Looking for the top cost on the market for September will rather likely lead you to all-inclusive Bulgaria offers for that period. Most of the Black Sea resorts are active for the first half of the month but have in mind that for the last weeks the number of working hotels decreases significantly. So the vacancies vanish fast – not only the all-inclusive holiday deals but every type of accommodation around the beach in Bulgaria. Heading to that country for a late summer break you need to know something you are probably unaware of. 6th and 22nd of September are national holidays, and lots of local people travel to the Black Sea in these periods. Have this in mind for all-inclusive deals Bulgaria has the availability for September.

Where is the weather favorable in September

Ravadinovo caslte, Sozopol
Ravadinovo caslte, Sozopol

Indeed the further you go to the north on the Black Sea coast, the colder it gets. Anyway, booking the cheap all-inclusive holidays south of the Balkan mountain – at the Sunny Beach or Sozopol, will more probably pay off with warm water and sunny days. Golden Sands and Albena to the north should not be excluded from the list, but it is a gamble what the conditions of climate will be like. Well, it will not be that cold, and if you are not about the sunbaths when the sun boils the heat, it won’t reach the experience that much. The water of the Black Sea is still alright to swim although not as warm as in August.

This month is the time when Greece gets flooded with Bulgarians on the other hand because the cost of the stay drops south of the border too. The summer lasts longer there, but the great destinations pull more massive crowds. So this type of vacation short-term migration opens the door for all-inclusive holidays Bulgaria has on the list of Balkan Holidays. Resorts like Duni or St. Vlas might be a great revelation even if these are not the top budget choices among the cheap all-inclusive deals. The reviews about these places are outstandingly favorable, so the value for the price is still high.

Comparing all-inclusive holiday deals available through Balkan Holidays confirms that Bulgaria is the most affordable country in September. Indeed, there are worth to book picks in Croatia and Montenegro too. The summer on the Adriatic coast might last even longer than in the Black Sea region. The cheap all-inclusive holidays are available around Dubrovnik or in Budva. Undoubtedly a vacation there in September might turn out to be a delightful experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Have in mind that the cheapest deals on the Adriatic Sea mark level with the most expensive all-inclusive Bulgaria are available to offer.


The late summer break is (almost) always budget-oriented

cheap all inclusive deals by balkan holidaysIf it is the second time on a beach vacation for the year, we might assume that the first time the cost is much higher. So in September most of the people indeed look for cheap all-inclusive holidays because they might not be able to afford a higher expenditure. For this reason, the Balkans stand out as a highly suitable option and might be preferred at the expense of the Spanish or the Greek resorts because of the lower fees for accommodation.

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